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Welcome to Yarworth Heating. Your local domestic Plumbing & Heating Service in Corsham Wiltshire.

Offering a wide range of Plumbing & Heating Services in Corsham and surrounding areas, City & Guilds qualified and Gas Safe Registered. Providing a service that will prioritise the safety of you and your property at all times! We pride ourselves in taking a professional and personal approach to our customers, delivering quality and always offering the best value possible. So why wait? If you need a Plumber, then give us a call Today!

Below are some of the plumbing and heating services we can help you with. If you wish to see some examples of our work you can do so here.


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My Boiler isn’t Working

Boilers are complex pieces of equipment and there can be many reasons why your boiler is not working as it should be. But before you call out an engineer there are a few things that you can check first;

Does your boiler have the power on?

Does your boiler have a display on the front or any lights that would indicate that it has the power switched on? Maybe the display or lights could be showing a fault code.

Does your boiler have Gas available?

If you have a prepayment meter or if you have LPG bottles supplying Gas to your boiler, then you may have run out of credit or the bottles may be empty.

Are your heating controls working?

If your heating controls are switched off or have ran out of batteries then they will not send a demand for your boiler to come on.

Does the pressure need topping up?

Most modern boilers need the system pressure to be set between 1 – 1.5bar when cold. If the pressure has dropped below 1bar your boiler probably won’t work. It’s normal to have to top up the pressure every so often, but if your having to do it very often then it’s likely that there is a leak on the system somewhere, which could either be inside the boiler or somewhere else on the heating system.

Does your boiler have a “pilot light”?

Modern boilers do not have a pilot light but older ones do. If the pilot light is not lit, then the boiler can not fire up and heat your hot water and radiators.

Is it freezing outside?

Modern condensing boilers have a white plastic overflow pipe coming out of the bottom. This is called a condensate pipe and they very often run outside to a drain. If this pipe freezes or becomes blocked it will stop your boiler from working. You can try pouring some warm water to thaw out this pipe so that your boiler can run again, but we reccomend installing Condensate Pro to prevent this from happening.

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