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Yarworth Heating Ltd is your local independant New Boiler Installation Specialist in Wiltshire.

New Boiler Installation in Wiltshire. Yarworth Heating Ltd is your local independant Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer covering a 15 mile radius from Corsham including Bath, Bradford on Avon, Chippenham, Calne, Devizes, Frome, Melksham, Radstock, Trowbridge, Westbury and surrounding areas.

We deal with all makes of boilers including Baxi, Ideal, Glow-Worm, Worcester Bosch, Viessmann & Vaillant.



Quality Installations

We believe that every job is worth doing well. Getting a new boiler installed can be a costly job. Why spend lots of money on a new boiler only to have it installed badly? Surely, It doesn’t make sense.

We believe that the installation matters! Everything from choosing the right boiler for your needs. Making sure that the system is free from sludge and debris by flushing it out thoroughly. The fit and finish, the pipework and how it looks! These are all things that take time, and many installers simply do not take into account when giving you a price to install a boiler.

For example we only run external condensate pipes using the Condensate Pro line of products on any external condensate pipes!


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Boiler Installation

Designed just for you!

Your new installation is just as individual as you are! “So what kind of boiler do you need?” We have some information further down the page which may help you to understand a bit more about the different options available to you.

With many different types boilers and different brands availlable, choosing which is best for you can be a very daunting prospect and can leave you feeling very confused and frustrated. Therefore, with a face to face survey at your property. We can ensure that we get it right, and to make the process as easy for you as possible!

Boiler Protection

Up to  12 years Warranty

Many boilers are now offering very long warrantees, with some even offering up to 12 years! This is fantastic. However, your boiler must be installed correctly and must be serviced annually to keep it valid. 


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Boiler Installation Wiltshire
Boiler Installation Wiltshire
Boiler Installation Wiltshire
Boiler Installation Wiltshire
Boiler Installation Wiltshire
Boiler Installation Wiltshire
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So which boiler is best for me?

Heat Only/Regular Boiler A Regular or Heat only boiler is the most basic type of boiler available. Traditionally if you have a gravity fed system via loft tanks and a seperate hot water cylinder, then you will have a heat only boiler. This could either be floor standing, mounted on the wall or even be mounted behind a fireplace (back boiler). The great majority of these boilers, (especially in older properties) are installed onto an open vented gravity fed system. Open vented systems are most prone to corrosion and sludge due to constant evaporation of system water, and the introduction of oxygen via the feed and expansion tank in the loft. You are much more likely to experience problems with a gravity fed system (such as system corrosion and air locks), and domestic hot and cold water pressures are generally a lot lower due to only being fed via gravity from the loft tanks. However, in more modern properties a heat only boiler is commonly found installed on a sealed heating system and in conjuction with an unvented hot water cylinder. In this configuration the system is far less susceptable to corrosion and domestic hot and cold water services are fed via the incoming water mains giving a much superior performance with no need for shower pumps. 

System Boiler A system boiler is very much like a heat only boiler, but is only ever fitted to a sealed mains fed heating system. As the name suggests, a system boiler has more system components contained within the boiler casing itself. Such as a pump, expansion vessel and in some cases, even a diverter valve. This can entirely negate the need for any external system controls especially when fitted in conjunction with a matching unvented hot water cylinder. Giving unparalleled hot water performance whilst keeping external system components to a minimum.

Combi Boiler A Combi (or combination boiler) is very similar to a system boiler, but with one very big difference! There is no need for any hot water storage cylinder as the hot water is created instantaneously on demand. This is generally the most efficient type of boiler because no heat is lost whilst storing hot water. Every bit of hot water that you use is only created when you want it! This makes for a very compact solution for your home and means that your airing cupboard does not have to have a large hot water cylinder inside. But unfortunately it might have to house the boiler if the pipework is not also relocated. The only downsides to a combi boiler is that it takes longer for the hot water to reach the tap, and it may not be suitable for larger properties with a high demand for hot water. When taps get used simultaneously it will have a knock on effect to other outlets around the house. Although, with ever increasing power outputs of combi boilers you really can get some impressive performance from them! But it’s not everyone and will never be in the same league as unvented stored hot water. Also it is likely that your gas supply pipework will need to be upgraded to supply enough gas to the combi boiler.

Storage Combi/Highflow Combi This is a combi boiler with a small amount of hot water storage built in. Generally these are quite large units and require a dedicated space such as a cupboard, garage or utility room. But it does save more space than having a seperate boiler/hot water cylinder. The performance from a storage combi boiler is not too dissimilar from an unvented cylinder. This is a solution that many people living in larger properties find to be a happy medium with performance whilst also saving on space.



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